Located in the Second Industrial Area of Dammam spread over five thousand sq. meters area, this factory is involved in the production of soil conditioners like Perlite and Vermiculite. Apart from this production, the factory holds state-of-the-art mixer and packing machines to repack the imported soil (like 10, 20, 50 and 80 liters) and peatmoss in various sizes (like 340 & 400 liters).

The peatmoss and potting soil are widely used in Landscaping, Potting, Re-potting and in the Germination of seeds. Greenhouses and Nurseries depend on this growing media where the local soil is not helpful and hence it is imported from Europe and Canada.

Apart from this, the factory holds large storage area to store bales / bags in large quantities. Adequate stock is maintained throughout the year and hence uninterrupted supply is guaranteed at all times.

Our range of products includes:

                        - Vitoflor 400 liters                                   
                        - Vitoflor 340 liters                                  
                        - Agroplant Gold 400 liters                     

Potting Soil
                        - Biolan 80 liters                                       
                        - Flora 80 liters (locally packed)                
                        - Flora 50 liters
                        - Flora 20 liters
                        - Flora 10 liters
                        - Proper Substratum 50 liters                   

- Proper Substratum 80 liters                         

Soil conditioners
                        - Horticultural Perlite 100 liters                     


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