We, Al Ousaimi Group Co. For Trading, are one of the largest trading houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its main office in Al-Khobar. Started out as an establishment way back in 1976, this company has grown to a multi million turn over company dealing with various categories.

This company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry under the premium grade apart from being registered vendors for some of the top companies like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electricity Company etc. It is registered for supplying equipments, spare parts, manpower, maintenance, machineries etc.

This company is constantly striving to diversify its activities in various fields and on course of its development; it has indulged in the following categories.

  1. Building Materials
  2. Agricultural Materials
  3. Medical Supplies & Devices
  4. Petrochemicals
  5. General Contracting
  6. Landscaping
  7. Construction
  8. Solar Energy & Systems
  9. Home Appliances
  10. Telecom and Security systems etc.

This company has two factories in the Second Industrial Area of the Eastern Province namely Saudi Peatmoss & Vermiculite Plant & Factory of Saudi Soil Development Company. These Agricultural factories are involved in manufacturing soil conditioners like Perlite and Vermiculite apart from packing and re-packing,

This company has branches in all major cities of Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, we have partners in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. We also represent various foreign companies in Saudi Arabia as their exclusive agents like Transimeksa of Lithuania, General Petroleum Services of Abu Dhabi, Shining Air Conditioners of China, Kuwait Cool & Solar Systems of Kuwait, Holy Land Remedies of Lebanon and many more.

This company is also on the look out for more global partners to represent many more companies and their products that will enable us to support the economy and the infra-structure of this region. We are moving ahead with this strong motivation and invite all with similar thoughts to join us in this pursuit

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